Our Venue

Tameletjie venue is a creatively transformed rustic farm style, a distinctive event venue that can comfortably host a variety of celebrations.

Venue hosting

Farm-style venue

The venue, which you absolutely have to come and view, adapts to any type of theme.

We have a wide range of decor available for you to choose from but you are also more than welcome to bring in your own at no additional charge.

Tameletjie, situated in Endicott, Springs just off the N17 highway, not only promises distinct quality and excellent service, but also guarantees a memorable experience with beauty, style, and homestyle hospitality.

catering services

Rustic yet modern setting

Our catering services offer delicious food, a great atmosphere with close friends and family, private bathrooms as well as secure parking.

The manager is always available to help where she can.

Venue hire

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